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Beta Fish Gardens are the RAGE!

$39.99 & Up depending on container size and type of water plant.  A unique gift for that hard to buy for person!

Pretty little glass ecosystems with a gorgeous fish swimming about the roots.  A water plant that sits in the neck of beautiful clear glass vase. 

As for after care, change only 25% of the water weekly and be sure to allow it to come to room temperature before adding. Trim the roots as needed for beauty if they become too long.  Betas are a tropical fish so avoid placing the vase in a cold area. It is important to remember to have only one Beta per vase. On the other hand, if you place another Beta vase next to the first, the fish will show their true beauty as they pass each other and flare their fins and tail completely out.  Betas do feed off the roots but they need beta fish food, too!

Peace Lily-Betta Planter Aquarium